Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chai-Tea Mini Cupcakes P&Q

Are you pining for spring but still feeling like winter?  How about these Chai-Tea Mini Cupcakes to warm you up?  These cupcakes get their flavor from the traditional Indian spiced tea, masala chai and are the perfect transition from winter to spring.  Originally selected by our friend Jami, this month's pick will be hosted by me, Rachel, at Simple Girl because.......drumroll please........ Jami is currently distracted from cupcakes due to a wedding!  Congratulations, Jami, and please join us whenever you can, again, set your sites on cupcakes!

Also, please note the addition of a BONUS CHALLENGE for April 30th.  Bake these cute and simple Easter Egg Cupcakes on p. 218 and post them on the 30th!

Leave your comments or questions on the Chai-Tea Mini Cupcakes in the comment section below!


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  2. mmmm Chai is my favorite!!! I'll be tackling these this weekend :)


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