Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOVEMBER 15 - Mocha Cupcakes LINKS

Is there a chill in the air?  Are you feeling the last days of fall fade away?  Don't just grab a mocha, grab a Mocha Cupcake!  These fanciful cupcakes are this month's baking assignment at the Martha Stewart Cupcakes Club.  Thanks to Rebecca at Beurrista for this month's selection!  You can find her beautiful creations HERE!

If you are baking along with us, don't forget to comment with link to your post!  I'd love to check it out!

UP NEXT (December 15):  ICED PISTACHIO CUPCAKES pp. 68 - 69

Happy Baking!

Rachel @ Simple Girl


  1. I agree! Fun to make!


  2. Liked these cupcakes them today. Somehow they got better with time.



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