Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cute Cupcake Boxes!

I love to bake cupcakes and so, in an effort to prevent us from eating them all, I am always looking for cute and practical ways to give them away!

I was thrilled to find these adorable cupcake boxes at Michael's!  The cupcake boxes come in a variety of patterns.  I liked this all-purpose festive box.  I thought it went perfectly with my Confetti Cupcakes.  They even include a cupcake insert so the cupcakes won't topple over!

If you really want to be coordinated, you can buy matching cupcake liners!

Who wouldn't want to receive a gift that looks like this?

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Happy Baking!


**P.S.  This post is not affiliated with Michael's.  Just sharing with you something that I love! :-)


  1. Those are adorable! I'll have to save my 40% off coupon for those :)

  2. After seeing your post I went to Michael's and bought these boxes. I also found some Reynolds StayBrite liners to match! I wasn't sure if the Michael's wrappers would stay bright. Yours look good. Did you use double your liners or put them on after?

  3. Yes and Yes! To keep these wrappers bright, I slipped them into a second wrapper after I baked them. I've never heard of StayBrite liners. I'll have to check it out!


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