Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cupcake Thoughts

Several months ago, as I was considering joining an on-line baking club, I looked at many of the choices available.  After some searching, I was thrilled to find the Martha Stewart's Cupcakes Club.  I thought to myself, "Cupcakes?  How hard can that be?"  Boy was I wrong!  I mean, layered cupcakes with frosting and two fillings?  Frosting made over a double boiler?  Meringue Mushrooms?  These cupcakes were turning into a full-time culinary endeavor!  And then it donned on me.  This book is brilliant!  Martha Stewart's Cupcakes is more than just an idea book filled with simple, decorated cupcakes.  This book explores the entire cake genre and breaks it down into cupcake-sized bites!

By baking through the entire book (whether the recipe appeals to me or not), I am expanding my knowledge, learning new techniques, and, perhaps, even finding a few new favorites along the way!

Thanks for joining me as we work our way through this book together.  It brings me joy to see your beautiful creations!

Happy Baking!



  1. I am behind with my first lot of cupcakes - it's been rather hot here so I haven't felt like baking. I shall do them shortly and report back.

  2. Good thing you decided to join cupcake club especially affiliated with famous Martha Stewart's! Wish you well with your baking ventures. Have fun!

  3. I haven't been feeling well these past few months and baking has gone along the wayside. I'm glad you have found this blog. I have enjoyed the various challenges and look forward to being back in the loop again.


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