Thursday, June 14, 2012

JUNE 15 - Roasted Banana Cupcakes LINKS!

I'm Instagramming you some bananas so that y'all can make some Roasted Banana Cupcakes!  I said y'all because Elvis was from the South and this could very well turn into an Elvis inspired cupcake!  Just add some peanut butter and some fried bacon.....  It's all about comfort food.

Thanks to The Baking Addict at More Than The Occasional Baker for selecting this month's baking assignment!  Now get to fixin'!

Happy Baking!

Rachel @ Simple Girl


  1. These cupcakes were amazing! Can't wait to see everyone's bakes :) here's mine

  2. The cupcakes turned out to be lovely, a real crowd pleaser. I have posted mine.

  3. Do I dare say, "Better late than never?" These were delicious. Sorry for the late post! Thanks, Baking Addict!



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