Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DECEMBER 15 - Fruitcakes with Meringue Mushrooms Links

This cupcake combines the traditional holiday fruitcake with the French  Buche de Noel!   Please comment with your finished blog link here by December 15th.  Thanks to Rebecca at Beurrista for selecting today's cupcakes!  Happy Baking!


  1. Yes, they are actually finished (and kind of cute, if I do say so myself!) Here's my link: http://simplegirlathome.blogspot.com/2010/12/fruitcakes-with-meringue-mushrooms-msc.html

  2. I've baked and I'll post tomorrow (the 15th)

  3. I thought they were supposed to be posted on Monday and was frantic that day- and then I checked out this date and realized the 15th was WEDNESDAY— whew... I was able to redo a few things and here it is!

    LOVED the fruitcake, had fun with the meringues, which I am going to save for a real Bûche!



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