Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just wanted to post and say thanks to Betty for the awesome job she has done this past year running the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club!  I have really enjoyed baking these past few months and I am honored that she has put her trust in me in handing over the reigns!  Betty, I hope you will continue to bake with us!  Your cupcakes are gorgeous!!

And now, what you really want to know: What are we baking next?  Here's what is planned for the rest of the year:

NOVEMBER 15 - MARSHMALLOW TURKEY CUPCAKES ( P. 239) selected by me, Rachel, at Simple Girl.

DECEMBER 15 - FRUITCAKES WITH MERINGUE MUSHROOMS (P. 249) selected by Rebecca at beurrista.

Within the next few days I will post two things.  First, a Q&A post for blogger questions and comments on the months' cupcake assignment and secondly, a COMPLETED PROJECT post where you can share your direct post link to the Marshmallow Turkey Cupcakes.  Since we all love to share and make comments, this should make it easier for myself and the other bakers to see who actually finished the assignment!

SELECTIONS FOR 2011!  If you haven't made a cupcake selection yet and are interested in making one for 2011, please email at mscclub.att.net.

Keep Baking!

Rachel (a.k.a. Simple Girl)


  1. Great idea to have a LYL for the cuppys. Sometimes I just don't have time to go through all of them to see who did/didn't. Thanks!!

  2. TY for accepting me into the club :) I am very excited! Any excuse to bake ;) I am going to do the november 15th and december 15th cupcakes :)

  3. Thanks for taking over Rachel! I'm excited about the addition of the Q&A and space to leave links. That'll make it so much easier to visit blogs each month.

  4. Good work Rachel!! The addition of the Q&A is awesome and will make visiting the blog even better.


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