How It Works

We'd love to have you join us!  Here's what you need to know to get started;

  1. You must own the book Martha Stewart's Cupcakes.
  2. You must have a blog on which to post your baking adventures.  This is the only way we can see your baking!  If you don't have one, they are very easy to create and super fun!
  3. We post our results on the 15th of each month.  Occasionally we may have a bonus challenge and the results date for that will be posted.
  4. Prior to each selection, I will post an entry for Posts and Questions.  This is designed for us to help members answer each others' baking questions.
  5. Please do not post the recipe unless you are the host for the week.  We want to encourage people to buy her book!  If the recipe is posted on Martha's website, you may create a link to that.
  6. As a courtesy, please link your post to the baker who is hosting that month.
  7. Please feel free to make substitutions or use your creativity to modify the recipe.  More creativity = more fun!
  8. After you have posted the results on your blog, leave a comment under the current cupcake link with the direct link to your post.  This will make it easy for other bakers to find you!
  9. Read other bakers' posts and leave comments!  Everybody loves this!
  10. Add the club logo to your blog.  Just click on it, drag it to your desktop, and import it!
  11. While we currently have no strict enrollment rules, I may take the liberty from time to time to "clean up" the baker's list.  This is not because we don't love you - it's just to keep things current!
  12. Lastly, have fun!  I mean, isn't that what cupcakes are all about? :-)
  13. If you'd like to get started, email me at and give me your name and blog URL.  It's as easy as that!